"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, June 8, 2012

10-12 days {day 3}

i'm cleaning up puke for the third day in a row.
the prior offenses were contained to the crib.
today we have entered the realm of carpet.
it's not pretty.
it's ugly.
but last night i discovered she'll eat pink shave ice.
and i'm always looking for an excuse to go to Lani's for shave ice.
so i guess we'll be going again tonight.
b/c she doesn't seem to puke up shave ice.
pediatrician's nurse line said 10-12 days of this is "what's going around."
what on earth lasts 10-12 days?!
nothing that does that should last 10-12 days.
it's just cruel.
and it's not just puke.
just sayin.

in happy news,
my pumpkins and watermelons are popping up.
i love watching them push through the dirt.
folded feathers of green leaves lifting up toward the sun.
along with some sunflower sprouts,
which look like weeds to the untrained eye.
and i like to pretend that i have a trained eye in the garden,
but we all know i'm a complete novice.
with sprinklers in my garden patch and direct sun for the majority of the day.
and a cousin who really knows what she's doing.
which equals growing luck.
really good growing luck.
of good growing luck.
in june!
happy friday indeed:)


Sue said...

Wow. 12 days is a long time.

My suggestion is to take her shopping for a cute throw-up bowl to keep with her at all times and teach her to use it!


jen said...

12 days? Seriously? Will you survive that long? And what about Baby Boy? You know on day 9 Brennan will get it, right?

becca said...

i'm with sue on this and wow 12 days hope she feels better soon

T!FF said...

Poor thing!
I love reading about your garden! Today the chickens got out of theiir coop and into my garden!!! I almost cried. I may have to do some replanting! ;(

Amy said...

Poor Max! Poor you! That is a very long time time to be sick, wow. You're garden makes me happy. I live vicariously through you as a gardener. Awesome!

Emmy said...

Oh I hope it doesn't last that long!