"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

flu shots.

three flu shots.
3 vaccine shots.
1 six month baby check.
2 big kids.
1 baby.
1 mom.
1 diaper bag and car seat.
and a partridge and a pear tree.
while we waited for the doctor to gather all of our shots,
the two big kids found their own nooks on each side of the table.
brennan said it was his tiger's den.
so of course,
max said her's was one too.
so cute how she mimics brennan.
{at least when she mimics the good things, that is...}
when they got bored i had them play the "jumping game,"
which i made up right then and there.
the rules:
see how many things you can do while jumping.
jump, rub your tummy, hum
jump, arms in the air, hum
jump, clap your hands, say "la, la, la"
after two rounds of this we moved onto ring around the rosie,
fast AND slow.
including lions in the meadows, eating buttercups,
thunder, lightening,
we all stand up!
do you know that part?
it's a part.
at the end,
brennan licked the floor to show how lions eat the buttercups.
it was gross.
i told him so.
he stopped.
then i convinced max to sing head, shoulders, knees, and toes.
with actions.
brennan did not want to do that with us.
b/c he thought you had to do it while jumping,
and he said that was just "too hard to do jumping."
then the nurse walked in, and they all got their shots.
everyone cried.
brennan went first.
then max.
then chase.
max was most excited to get her pink band aid.
so much so that watching brennan get his shot and cry out that it hurt didn't deter her one bit.
whatever it took to get that pink band aid,
she was gonna do it.
then everyone got a sticker,
and we came home to eat lunch.
flu shots.
so glad that's off of my list.
oh, and chub-a-chubs chase is up to the 25th percentile in weight AND height.
22nd percentile in head circ.
i never remember these things,
go me.
must be the three to four bowls of oatmeal he enjoys every day.
or the sweet potatoes and peaches too.


Sue said...

He looks nice and chubby now. I'm surprised he isn't in a higher percentile. Is he on the short side? Maybe he just has those light bones like some babies seem to have!

Love the bandaids...


Amy said...

Making games up on the spot to entertain kids always makes me feel resourceful and like a champion mother. Go you!