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Monday, October 8, 2012

frosty the garden

over the weekend there was a frost.
not enough to ruin the watermelons and tomatoes on their vines,
just enough to kiss their branches black.
marking the end of our yard's growing season.
so this afternoon i harvested 5 more watermelons,
and two heaping bowls of tomatoes.
{there were enough for 3 bowls if i had picked all of the green ones, 
but i didn't want to wait for them to ripen on my counter.}
brooke showed up with her kids just as we were needing some afternoon entertainment, 
and helped me pick all of the cherry tomatoes off as well.
picking cherry tomatoes is my least favorite thing to do.
it's never ending AND i don't enjoy reaching with my face into the tomato plant to get out the hundreds that grow in the center.
chase held onto the long blades of grass, sitting up, 
and watched us pick the baby tomatoes 
until his little torso finally tired out, 
and he face planted into the soft green blanket of sod.
at which point he demanded to be held and fed.
i love him.
the temperature was perfect when brooke piled her kids into her car.
the sun beginning to lower behind the houses to the west.
we talked about how absolutely wonderful it felt outside at that very moment. 
the fall is upon us,
and i'm absolutely ready for it to be:)
next year:
ONE cherry tomato plant.
ONE regular tomato plant.
ONE watermelon plant.
no carrots.
4 pumpkin plants {just like this year}.
2 zucchini plants.
2 cucumber plants {pickles!!!}.
2 jalapeno plants.
2 Anaheim plants.
sunflowers a'plenty.
possible raspberry bush. {jam!!!}
these are my big plans for next year.
i can't wait!!!

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Amy said...

What? No zucchini? No strawberries?! Fall is glorious. My favorite time of year. I wish it would last longer.