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Friday, October 12, 2012

I'M HOT!!! {are you???}

the flu shot's HOT!!!
the flu is not.
all gibson's have officially been needled and accounted for.
3 cheers.
hip hip hooray!
hip hip hooray!
hip hip hooray!
our furnace is broken.
BAD {-ly}!!!
it's NOT hot.
the hose on our AC leaked all over our furnace this summer
while we enjoyed our lovely cool and crisp house up above.
the water that leaked down onto it corroded and rusted the entire dang thing.
and lucky for us,
everyone in utah's furnace also broke this week
{rather, we all just turned them on and found out they didn't work},
so it will not be fixed for another week.
hello space heaters!


Amy said...

Oh no! Luckily it should warm up again on Monday! Good luck with that heater. Yuck!

Anonymous said...

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Sue said...

I was sick, but I'm getting my shot soon.

Hope you get things fixed up soon with the furnace.


Amy said...

I have only gotten a flu shot once. When I was pregnant. I don'tknow why I don't. I just forget. Good for you though. When I am sick this season I will be wishing I was hot like you.