"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, October 7, 2012

applesauce {red hots}

i stayed in my pajamas the entire day today.
in fact, 
right now i am sitting here typing this in my pajamas.
have no fear,
i will be changing into a clean pair of underwear 
AND pajamas before i hop into bed tonight.
there are some lines i just won't cross,
we tried to watch conference all day, 
but i just don't get to pay as close of attention to it as i'd like.
despite the chaos of my kids i was still so very uplifted by so many of the speakers.
my favorite talk was by president uchtdorf,
who reminded us to slow down and not wear our "busy-ness" on our arms like a badge of honor. 
i spent 5 minutes during the opening song 
drawing little ties and ladies in shirts on a paper for brennan and max. 
in the hopes that they would color the tie or shirt of the person speaking.
it lasted for about 5 minutes before they were up and crazy again, 
so i guess it was good that i only spent 5 minutes making them.
tonight i nursed chase before i put him to bed.
my entire house smelled of applesauce cooking.
deep, rich, and sweet.
this year i actually know how to can, 
as opposed to last year.
when i had no clue:)
we had our traditional scones and raspberry butter with hot chocolate for breakfast.
ran the kids around outside between sessions.
and cooked applesauce brewing in pots on my stove all afternoon.
it was an event!
my house has never smelled so delicious.
we let the kids help peel and core the apples.
an adventure to say the least.
brennan started.
then max pushed him off of his stool.
he yelled.
she screamed.
they agreed to do it "together."
which meant max pushed brennan off of his stool,
and it all started over again.
i convinced brennan to play on the computer while max had a turn,
then she got her feelings hurt AGAIN b/c the apple wasn't on right,
and thus wasn't peeling,
so i told her to wait a minute for me to get it on straight again.
she ended up stomping away, arms folded, 
yelling, "i mad at you mom!"
and i was left all alone peeling apples.
it was quiet for 5 minutes, and then brennan was back.
sean took over helping him,
and i took a seat on the other side of the counter and watched.
it was so cute.
brennan lasted almost 20 minutes with sean before we told him we were "done" and lured him back to the computer.
his poor little arms and hands were giving out.
the mind was willing, but the body wasn't able.
he told us he "wuvs apples this way."
i was beaming with happiness about all of it.
and couldn't get over how beautiful a peeled apple looks.
spiraling 'round and 'round like a good old fashioned slinky.
6 hours later, and i can hear my applesauce singing to me from behind,
pop! pop! pop!
pop! pop!
10 little red beauties all sealed up.
happy happy joy joy!
part 2 of our conference weekend tomorrow.
you won't want to miss it.
starring chase,
for your comedy relief.
{hint: 3rd time is HIS charm, not the charm.}


Sue said...

Oh boy, does that ever look good!


Amy said...

Red hots in applesauce? How interesting. I have never heard of that before. Genius! I remember peeling apples with my grandmother when I was little. Same contraption and everything. I loved it. And there is something about peeled apples that always feels me with warmth and memories. Good times.