"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, October 8, 2012

last saturday night {chase the charm}

the first saturday night in october {and april} is a state wide girl's night out in utah.
all of the men go to a church meeting that night,
leaving all of the women to themselves.
rather than staying at home to put the kids to bed by myself,
i called a babysitter,
brought my boyfriend baby man chase ray with me,
and met up with my mother in law and two sister in laws for dinner.
as we were enjoying our chicken BLT's, seared salmon, artichoke dip, and sweet potatoes fries, 
i all of a sudden got a wiff of chase.
just as i went for a diaper under the table, 
i saw the horrifying sight of what we have fondly come to refer to as,
"NOT sweet potatoes."
that's right folks.
it happened again.
for the third time.
and let me tell you,
in this case,
the third time was NOT a charmer.
in a restaurant filled with all women and baby carriages, 
it was nothing more than a 
"push up your sleeves and give your baby a bath in the sink" 
kind of event.
natalie and i calmly walked ourselves into the family bathroom and got to work.
while ashlie and valerie waited with our food and fed 2 week old baby ellie at the table.
we had chase all cleaned up in a jiffy,
carseat washed,
and all sink and changing table areas sanitized in under thirty minutes.
with NOT ONE DROP of poo on either of us.
christmas miracle!!!
we then politely told the workers that there was a really stinky diaper in the trash can,
and they might like to empty it.
b/c we're polite like that.
have mercy.
then we went back to our dinner until the men in white shirts and ties started flooding the restaurant.
our cue that priesthood meeting was out.
so being our sneaky selves that didn't want to go home to kids that they babysitters had not put to sleep yet,
we casually called our men and requested that after they ordered and ate their ice cream,
"would they kindly order us some and bring it home?"
they of course said yes,
and we hung up with smirks on our faces,
driving to crash their man party.
only in utah on the first saturday night in october {and april} AFTER 8pm, 
will you find a restaurant PACKED with men in white shirts and ties.
no women to be found!
so we waltzed into that ice cream shop,
the only 4 ladies in the joint.
2 baby car seats in tow.
and our men looked like smiling deer in head lights.
then we ate their ice cream,
and sampled bites of their burgers and rueben's before we ordered our own.
which we of course shared with them as well.
complete with the best brewed root beer my taste buds have ever fancied.
with two babies asleep,
and men on our arms,
we were the luckiest ladies in all of utah.
last saturday night:)
{i am sad to report i have no pictures of bill OR val being there. TRAGIC!}


Sue said...

Looks like a good time...in the end, anyway!


Amy said...

Sneaky you! What a great idea you had. and Christmas miracle indeed. Or conference miracle, if you want to be exact. :)