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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

CAST-AWAY or OFF {chocolate haystack recipe}

i found the missing foot
i glued them back together.
three times,
b/c they kept sliding off.
i'm not sure gorilla glue was the best choice for mending...
but it's become my right hand man in the kitchen.
kind of like windex for the dad in "my big fat greek wedding."
something breaks,
and i go running for my gorilla glue.
brennan's lucky i didn't gorilla glue his arm back together when it broke.
i bet it would have worked great.
it would have been free.
see, genius:)
"there you go!"
except about the whole it's not supposed to go on skin thing.
at least, i don't think it's supposed to b/c it just gets really sticky and takes all day to rub off.
all feet are glued back on and accounted for.
brennan's arm is better too:)

on our way out of the orthopedic's office we bought our celebratory blue gatorade,
and then made our way out through the aquarium revolving doors.
where we found santa and his reindeer made out of ICE.
 brennan touched Rudolf and wanted his picture with him.
but he wouldn't look at me b/c he said the "real rudolf is right behind me!!!"
i just love PCMC.
goodbye cast!!!
hello santa and his reindeer:)
and hello the beginning of my holiday baking...
chocolate haystacks

32 oz semi-sweet chocolate chips, melted
1/2 cups peanut butter
2 cups coconut
1/2 c almonds {or any nut}, chopped
12 oz chow mein noodles {the hard crunchy ones}

1. melt the chocolate chips in the microwave in 1 min. intervals
2. stir in the peanut butter
3. stir in the chopped nuts and coconut
4. stir in chow mein noodles WELL.
5. make haystack mounds on a cookie sheet over wax paper
6. place in cold for 20 min {i just put mine on my back porch, but a freezer works also}
and vwallah!
keep refrigerated or frozen.
serve with a tall glass of ice cold milk.
and a huge napkin.
you're welcome:)


Rebecca said...

aw so happy little ones arm is better and i'll be right over for a haystack

Susan Anderson said...

I'm glad he got his cast off for Christmas. Not a bad present!


Amy said...

Those chubby little arms are to die for!!! So glad all is well.