"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, December 17, 2012

a slab of gingerbread house {FHE: feasts}

do not let this house fool you.
for tonight,
we gibson's learned,
we are NOT architects.
we are eaters.
no shame in that.
builder: sean
froster: emily
decorators: max & brennan
manager: chase ray

while we built our annual gingerbread houses tonight,
sean led our family in a discussion about feasts.
brennan wanted "everything" for his feast.
max copied his answer.
i said rolls.
i have to have my rolls.
chase played with kix on his tray.
grandma carol wanted steaks.
sean wanted grandma max's sweet potatoes.
we talked about how at a feast we indulge a plenty.
feast ourselves upon the grandeur of the meal.
then sean asked the kids how they can feast on the words of the savior 
during this christmas season and all year round.
it was a beautiful talk we had with our kids while we built a candy house.
i am so grateful for this beautiful time of year.
where i feel the joy of giving more than ever before.
and care less about the receiving.
when for the first time i find myself saying merry christmas instead of goodbye before i close my front door.
and it leaves a smile on my face,
no matter what else is going on.
at first there was a small gap in the roof.
then more of a gaping hole.
then we lost an entire section.
and then we decided we might as well just go with it.
so brennan yanked off the falling piece,
and served himself a slab of gingerbread house.
my favorite are the red gum drops.
but only on the first night.
b/c hard gum drops the next day are just not my thing.
this can't possibly be user error.
it must be a faulty house.
it should be ILLEGAL to rain in december the week before christmas.
all of the pretty snow is melting away.


becca said...

my houses always fall apart like the big bad wold huffed and puffed and blew it down

Sue said...