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Saturday, December 22, 2012

TAT's {halloween declarations in december}

{brennan's friend gave him batman tattoos for christmas this year.}
max and brennan sat at the counter last night while i made pizza, 
intricately discussing their halloween costumes for next year.
brennan declared batman.
then he said chase could be robin.
max was jabbering in agreement with her eyes really big,
talking with her hands,
and i suggested {really excited like} that max be cat woman!!!
well, she shot me down faster than a new york minute.
and then brennan started getting all upset 
b/c he couldn't' understand why she would want to dress up as a BAD GUY.
plus he said she was a girl.
but he was mostly concerned that she wanted to be a bad guy.
when chase woke up from his nap brennan went running for a robin tattoo and a wet paper towel.
explaining to sean how to put it on, since he had come home at this point in the story,
and was giveN the honor of TATTING up chase ray.
as if everyone needed to be branded with their respective tattoos to seal the halloween deals.
good thing halloween is still 10 months away.
it will give us 10 months to convince max to be cat woman instead of the joker.
and 10 months for brennan to change his mind 5 times,
and then pick something entirely different 3 days before halloween.
i'm voting cat woman b/c i think little leather pants and cat ears would be so fun to dress max up in.
brennan is voting cat woman b/c "sometimes cat woman is bad, but sometimes she's good."
at least chase won't be old enough for opinions on halloween yet.
for sure, he'll be robin if brennan still wants to be batman.
but what does that leave for me to be?
this is going to require some serious thought...
but for now, we'll just stick with the TAT's.

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Sue said...

Why not? Christoween tats, right?


PS. Merry Christmas to all of you.