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Thursday, December 20, 2012

grinches & chubby fingers in clay

"my neck is getting tired again from holding up my big heavy head...maybe i ate too much food."
-brennan 4.9 years old
today, we made grinches.
i got only the pants done before everybody else was already ready for cutting and gluing.
so, i figure i'll put him away in my folder for next year, and then maybe i'll get to his red coat.
and then maybe the year after that i'll get to his shoes.
and then MAYBE the year after that i'll be able to write my name and glue on his cotton balls.
the cotton balls are always everybody's favorite part:)
the white puffs never fail.
so fun.
max was done coloring in about 15 seconds.
not kidding.
brennan colored with green and red crayons in the same hand at the same time.
it turned out SUPER cool:)
and he made sure to let me know he colored the grinch's hands green.
only green.
b/c that's what the grinch looks like.
so proud!
and then while their cotton balls dried brennan chased max around the kitchen table.
her pink slipper heels slow her down,
but when you tick her off, even those clicking heels won't keep you safe.
run for your life!!!
that's what i tell brennan.
and he does.
smart boy.
"it's the mooooost won-der-ful tiiiiiiiiiime offffffffff thaaaaaaaa' yeeeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrr!!!!!!"
my pantry door is soooooo happy:)
sean's cousin kelsie brought us her creations for my walls and tree this afternoon.
i keep standing in front of them in each of their respective rooms,
where i have already hung them,
and i can't help but pinch myself.
i want to freeze time.
i don't want them to get any older.
i just want to keep living this age over and over and over again.
in this land of innocence and sweetness.
{except i'd love it if chase would stop waking up to eat in the middle of the night.}
{but at the same time, i wish he wouldn't stop...funny.}
i can't get over their little chubby fingers and toes.
and all of the fingerprints they leave on my walls.
want kelsie to do your kid's impressions too?
you can email her at k_h833@hotmail.com


becca said...

you guys have so much fun I want to come over and play

Amy said...

Those impressions are gorgeous! Love the Grinch. Where did you get the coloring page for the Grinch? You have such fun crafts!

jen said...

I love the clay stuff. Isn't it weird that when you're a kid you don't know how much they mean to moms, until you ARE a mom!