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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

$73.64 of great {the secret of life}

we made it through new year's eve without going to the doc,
but we probably should have gone.
instead, chase was up the ENTIRE night,
and we went today.
so i dropped off chase's prescription at harmon's at 1pm.
he was hungry and tired, so i figured we'd come back later.
like after sean came home from work.
the drop off window girl said "later" was fine.
and then i went back to get it "later" at 7pm.
they were closed.
LIKE AT 4pm.
holding hostage chase's prescription and insurance card.
i fought back the to urge to knock hysterically on their drive up window,
seeing as no one was there anyway.
instead i called the on call doctor.
and he called walgreen's to reorder chase's prescription.
and then he texted me that it was in and to call him if there were any problems.
amazing, i know. {even on holidays}
so i hopped in the car, grabbed linsey from her house,
and we drove up to the nearest 24 hour walgreen's.
{we like to run errands late night together}.
there were 5 cars in the drive up line.
25 minutes later it was our turn.
which was fine b/c we had LOTS to catch up on.
and then when we pulled up to the window,
we saw a line of people at the inside pharmacy counter too.
walgreen's is a hopping place at 8:34pm on new year's day i tell ya.
so there we were, so excited to get our little bottle of antibiotics,
{2nd time's a charm}
only for them to tell us there was a 2 hour wait.
apparently when you are the only pharmacy open on new year's day everyone comes.
go figure.
so they put chase's prescription in the cue, and we drove home.
i dropped linsey off.
cleaned up my kitchen.
did a load of laundry.
and chase watched boxing with sean.
the poor kid just couldn't sleep.
ear infections are his nemesis.
or kryptonite.
2 hours later, 10:15pm,
i picked linsey back up.
we drove up to the nearest 24 hour walgreen's,
and we decided to skip the 5 car backed up drive through line this time,
seeing as we didn't have kids with us so who really needed a 25 min drive up line anyway.
we walked inside,
grabbed two boxes of baby oatmeal,
perused their aisle displays,
and crossed our fingers for third time's a charm at the walk up counter.
{i actually called before this time to make sure it was going to be ready so the odds were EVER in our favor.}
so they bagged up chase's little white bottle of omnicef and rang me up for $73.64 plus about $5 more for the oatmeal.
and my eyes were really big, and i was all, "isn't there a generic brand for this stuff??"
but nice.
i was very nice.
you know,
like a scout.
b/c there was a lady in the drive up window that wasn't being very nice,
and it just looked tacky to not be nice at 10:23pm to the pharmacy people on new year's day.
and really i was thinking, "just get me home so we can all get some sleep for the first time in 4 nights."
and then linsey googled the name of the drug on the bottle,
and it was indeed the generic brand of omnicef,
and then i saw that my insurance saved me $29.65,
and i felt a little bit better about all of it.
b/c normally it only saves me a dollar or 3.
so since i saved $30 we stopped by arby's for curly fries and a junior vanilla shake on the way home.
b/c we were hungry.
{which we shared b/c we agreed that adult germs are ok like that}
and now it's 12:03am and chase is asleep.
and i am trying to figure out why i went to bed at 11:30am last night, but stayed up until midnight tonight.
and you know what?
even without sleep on most nights,
i think i have finally figured out the secret of life.
{that sounds super cheesy, i know}
did you ever watch the movie city slickers?
Curly {the cattle herding leader--i think they called him "boss"?} keeps trying to tell billy crystal the secret of life on their cattle herding "vacation" across the desert,
and then he doesn't get to, but i won't tell you why b/c if you haven't seen it, it would ruin it,
so anyway, billy crystal figures it out on his own anyway,
which was probably what curly wanted.
he knew stuff about life like that.
so i'll tell you mine and hopefully that won't ruin you figuring out yours.
b/c it was annoying that curly wouldn't tell billy anyway.
so my secret of life is this:
it's knowing that you have something great while you're actually in the great of it.
AND then enjoying the great while you're in it,
even if the great isn't great during all of it.
we have something great,
and i'm bound and determined to enjoy it while we're in it.
b/c all of this is really REALLY great:)
but even if it isn't great during all of it,
it's still really great.
{the whipping cream egg nog}

cheers to 2013.

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Sue said...

Happy New Year! Glad you still made the best of it...