"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, January 3, 2013

up, up, & away! {teeth}

2 teeth cleanings
5 x-rays
2 flourides
2 capes
2 super hero belts
0 cavities
2 kids that love going to the dentist
i thought there was no way max was going to get into that chair.
but she got in before brennan.
with a smile on her face,
and a skip in her step.
who knew that a purple glitter star shaped ring with lip gloss inside was the key to max's heart?
she was fine until they went to clean the back molars,
and then she was over it.
and the lip gloss was gone.
brennan picked the rockets,
and then traded them for a mini-motorcycle and a gel man that walks down glass.
mr. independent ended up getting his teeth cleaned on my lap.
such a kewpie.

they had us at hello.
or super hero.
they were a little high energy for MY liking and not very upfront about their cost,
but my kids loved them, and they are a mile from our house.
so we'll see how the next visit goes.
but for now, my kids are still talking about how much they love the dentist.


Amy said...

A good trip to the dentist is always a thing to get excited about. I love that they got superhero capes and belts. Genius dentist!

Sue said...

Looks like Dr. Boren does good work!