"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

to make sure it was really there.

sucky for snowmen.
AMAZING for sledding.
makes pulling kids easy as pie.
the sled flies across it like a rock skipping on water.
but freezing cold.
reminiscent of rexburg cold.
except when you start running with a sled behind you.
then you warm up fast.
or your legs go numb in your jeans.
everyone was smiling,
and squealing with delight for 4 laps around the yard!
and then max did a face plant into the snow around turn 5, 
and came up with a white snow mask on her face.
the sledding was pretty much over after that.
brennan and i were laughing.
but then she cried harder and i felt badly.
and her little face was bright red b/c it was so cold.
the temp on my car said 22*.
but it didn't really feel like 22* cold,
until i took my gloves off to help max wipe the snow off of her binky.
and my hands felt numb in a jiffy.
then it felt cold.
but not the freeze your nose hairs in your nostrils kind of cold,
and not the cough when you breathe kind of cold--
THAT'S rexburg cold.
it has to be in the single digits for that kind of cold.
{which i have heard it's supposed to get down into tonight.}
it was just the 
you have to move around if you want to stay outside 
kind of cold.
and we wanted to stay outside.
to see the sun.
you know, make sure it was really there.
and feel the cold.
you know, make sure it was really there.
b/c sometimes in the winter,
if you stay inside too much,
and someone is all, "brrr, it's cold today!!!"
and you think, "it is? it doesn't look that cold."
that's when you know you need to go outside.
to know it's winter.
and feel the cold of winter.
b/c then summer is that much more incredible:)
your 70* house too.
works like a charm every time.
every time!
{to survive the cold you MUST have a scarf. 
hat, gloves, coat, and boots too. fleecy lined is my preference. 
but most importantly, THE SCARF. a long one you can wrap around your neck twice.}
no exceptions.
the end:)
chase slept until 12:45pm.
and i don't mean from his nap.
i mean he SLEPT IN until 12:45pm.
thank you antibiotics.
you were SO worth the three trips to the pharmacy last night.
christmas miracle in january.
glory be!
i've been instructed to stay inside for the rest of the week.
bad air quality. 
inversions are the pits!
so is january weather in utah.
the weather man just called it SNOG outside.
and NOT the kind of snogging you want.


becca said...

I remember going sledding as a kid funniest thing ever

Sue said...

Glad Chase is on the mend, even if you are stranded inside now.