"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, January 4, 2013

songs on the kitchen stereo

tonight i made pizza with pepperoni, chopped onions, and green bell peppers.
max played in the pizza dough flour next to me.
she got it all over the floor that got mopped about 3 hours before,
{i had to take a few deep breaths at first, but then i was happy 
b/c she was happy. smooshing around flour, making pizza with me.}
she sang the chorus along with phillip phillips on the stereo in our kitchen.
one minute i was singing "just know you're not alone...", 
and the next minute she was finishing it up with, 
"make this place your home...settle down, it's all be "k-eeeaaaar"...
just know you're not aloooone...make this place your hooooooommmmeee."
just like that.
with consonants missing and all.
i didn't even know she knew the words,
but there she was,
 with her little voice singing the words right along with me.
nodding her head up and down to the beat.
playing with pizza dough flour on a friday night.
and the one wish i made standing in my kitchen was that i hope if i let them cook with me now,
sing to songs in the kitchen with me now,
then maybe they'll want to keep doing it with me when they're older.
singing along to our favorite songs on the kitchen stereo.
making pizza dough on a friday night.
maybe not every friday night,
but maybe on some friday nights.
not sure if we'll be able to handle the horsie rides then,
but i'll do anything to keep them with us:) 
even if it means i have to make 10 pizzas to feed them and all of their friends.
until then,
i'm soaking up every single minute.
watching chase learn to get up onto his hands and knees 
and rock back and forth making his squawking sounds,
listening to brennan and max fight over a toy that neither of them really cares about anyway,
and then giggle as sean prances them around the kitchen table with max hanging onto brennan for dear life.
"first the man gets off, then he holds the madam's hand to get off."
we are raising a gentlemen over here in the Gibson home.
so proud:)
 i love this life.
especially friday nights.


Sue said...

What a great story about Phil Phillips song. I think you are definitely doing something right, :Em!

(many things, in fact)


jen said...

I'm with Sue. Great memories from tiny moments.

And that Phil Phillips song is quite catchy, even for three-year-olds!

becca said...

YUm and I love when kids sing to the radio even if they don't know the words it's fun to watch