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Thursday, January 3, 2013

letters to Emily {hobbits & Schoko Kussen}

Dearest Fellow Hobbit Friend,

I miss you when I hear about the hobbit. Really. I think of you and all our hobbit like ways. Like how we like to grow things (our gardens), we like to eat things, we like to laugh, and we like adventures. I don't think I will be able to see it out here since the only theater that plays english films is in Mannheim, and that is about 20 minutes so in total it would be an hour trip there and back, and I heard the film is close to three hours. So we would have to get a babysitter for pretty much the whole day! Just for a movie! So funny. Anyway, the holidays were fantastic and the food was amazing there are these things called Schoko Kussen, and I about fainted when I tried it for the first time. They are like chocolate covered marshmallows but they have a fluffy creamy texture instead of sticky and chewy like a normal marshmallow, and oh boy oh boy, I loved loved it! I will send you a picture of one. My mom is going to try and recreate the recipe. I hope she is successful because WOW are they amazing. I felt like a hobbit at the Christmas market. I pretty much tried every type of food from every booth. I tried the cheesy spetzle the crepes of course (savory).  I tried the schoko kussen, the kinder punch, the pommes, the feuer wurst, the candied nuts--so many things to eat! They really make it a winter wonderland around here. Other than being jet lagged for 3 weeks, and my whole family getting sick right after I got here, we are all doing super well now, and I am excited for Bryce to be done with this thesis soon! Maybe tour Europe a little! I love you and hope Sean is still having fun doing physical therapy on the german woman who is from Heidelberg. Love you! Give those sweeties a kiss and hug from Aunt Beth!



Amy said...

I love that you are compared to a Hobbit. I can see it for sure. Especially your knack with food. :)
Germany sounds like a fairy land. How lucky your friend is that she gets to live there.

Beth Jane said...

It is a fairyland...good way to describe it! But Emily's house is a fairyland as well....

becca said...

aw love this