"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

8:09pm at my house

on the nights that sean works late, 
this is what our upstairs bathroom looks like as i'm getting the kids ready for bed.
it's a bonefied party in the bathroom.
and i love it.
someone is usually crying or whining.
{that part i could do without}.
max is either hiding in the shower curtains or watching brennan pee.
he hates when she does both of those things.
but mostly he just hates when she watches him go pee.
there is a line up of allergy medicine, drinks of water, and toothbrushes.
chase is always in my arms, 
b/c if he isn't, 
he's playing in the potty water or making a mad dash for the garbage can or the stairs,
and i'm pretty sure that he has licked the toilet seat once or twice before i could get to him fast enough 
{i pretty much close my eyes and die when that happens}.
and then i wash his hands twice and have him lick the water coming out of the faucet. 
b/c it makes me feel like maybe it's cleaning his tongue.
a little bit.
even though i know it's probably not.
this happened tonight--chase's toilet seat licking and finger toilet bowl sloshing.
after brennan sat on the tub, on TOP of the shower curtain,
and the entire shower curtain and rod collapsed down on top of him.
not chase.
so brennan fell back into the tub and looked up at me in complete shock.
with the entire shower curtain underneath him,
laying in the tub on his back,
curtain rod on top of his head.
i laughed first, and then asked if he was ok with my hand over my mouth.
eyes really big,
but nice eyes,
not mean ones, as max would say.
he nodded back and then very calmly told me he was shaking and needed to go lay down in his bed. 
and while i was hugging him i heard the toilet bowl water sloshing,
and i looked down to see chase's tongue licking the toilet seat.
max started yelling "chase GROOOOOOSSSSSS!!!!!"
so i picked him up, washed out his mouth, and washed his hands twice.
by that time max needed to go pee, so i set chase down to help her up.
and before she was done chase was dumping out the garbage can between the toilet and the tub. 
then i heard brennan yell from the other room "i can't stop shaking! that was scary!" 
so i told him to come back so i could hold him.
 and then i rocked brennan on the CLOSED toilet seat while holding chase off from the garbage can with my right leg, and brushing max's teeth with my left hand.
it was really REALLY funny, 
and i just couldn't keep myself from smiling inside and out. 
especially when i replayed the episode to sean after he got home tonight.
that may have been my favorite part of the entire day.
reliving it for the 2nd time.
laughing uncontrollably together as i retold the sequence of tonight's events.
like it was some funny episode of friend's,
except it wasn't on friend's.
it is actually my life.
and i absolutely mean that in the very best way a person can say it.
i love that i get to be in the presence of these amazing little creatures.
and that sean and i get to do this together.
i love that i get to do this.

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Amy said...

What a night! Crazy and busy and lovely all squished into the chaos of early motherhood. I love that you laughed and didn't let the little things frazzle you. Because it now makes me laugh, too.