"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, February 24, 2013

yesterday we skied in the clouds.

it's not about how cold it is.
how hard the wind is blowing.
or how much snow the clouds are dumping down.
it's about how you're dressed.
{just like the oscar's?}
this is what my dad and i talked about on the ski lift yesterday.
how you're dressed.
not the oscar's.
we weren't cold.
even though we were covered in fresh flakes and 18*.
face mask=GOLD.
{insert angel choir singing here.}
not an inch of my skin was showing.
it dumped so much snow on us that after one lift ride dad took a picture 
of how much snow had built up on my hat during the 5 minutes we had spent on the chairlift.
we stood there in the middle of all of the snow covered trees,
with the quiet of the snow falling,
and it felt like we were the luckiest people alive.
standing there on our skis.
the wind had stopped,
and the snow was just falling down in thick white flakes on every side of us.
like we were standing in our own massive snow globe.
full of flocked trees.
no one there but us in that spot.
no cars or plows buzzing by.
just trees, snowflakes, and skis.
and a big map of all of the deer valley slopes.
we stopped in the mini-lodge on the top of the mountain for hot drinks.
and then went back out for more.
and after 4 1/2 hours of skiing our legs finally gave out and we called it a day.
and then i was worthless the rest of the night and in bed AND asleep by 10:05pm.
oh what a day with my dad.

in honor of the oscar's this evening,
i would like to thank...
linsey for coming to my house at 7am to stay with all three of my kids.
you are the most INCREDIBLE friend a girl could ever have:)
i love you love you love you!
thank you mom for giving me your skis.
thank you dad for buying me a snazzy new pair of red poles and a lift ticket.
thank you sean for taking care of the kids all afternoon after you'd worked all morning.
thank you sandie for sending dad to utah.
{cue signal "wrap it up" music.}
{so that means i get to go on a little more...}
 thank you utah for the greatest snow on earth.

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Amy said...

Aw, love the description of this. So clear and beautiful. Wish I could remember how to ski. Haven't been since I was in 1st grade. Afraid of heights sort of makes it hard, I guess. :)