"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, March 2, 2013

go to that place {writing on the wall}

first sean found green crayon on the big stairs.
then i walked into the big room and saw the recliner chair arms.
then i saw the fainting couch.
then i turned and saw the pillow.
and the other pillow.
then sean went for the oxy clean.
and the couch cleaner.
then i found the arm rest of the fainting couch.
after the three of us got it all cleaned off we asked him if we missed any spots.
he showed us the carpet by the windows,
the super hero bin,
and the wall on the way up stairs.
crayons and brennan.
the gift that just keeps on giving.
b/c max didn't want to play anymore, so he had to "X" everything out.
nothing else better to do.
we had LONG LONG talks about this.
the entire day.
discussed ideas about what else he could do instead of drawing on things.
and then it just came down to me telling him he couldn't live in the house if he colored all over our stuff.
in the words of bill cosby, "This is MY house, 
and i will LET you stay here" if you stop coloring on MY walls.
and he looked really serious and understanding and all,
and we thought we were such great parents and how smart and patient we had been.
and then he did it again with a pen on the island of the kitchen two days later.
so we took away all of the crayons.
and put him on writing restriction.
except when i forget he's on writing restriction.
or when i need him to be distracted by coloring.
it's confusing, i know.
if we had a dog i'm sure it would have been "X'd" too.
good grief it's funny now.


Sue said...

Oh, dear.

You have a better sense of humor than I. Back in the day, I'm afraid I'd have gone ballistic.


Amy said...

I love that you have such a wonderful attitude about it all. How you laugh about it now. You are such a great mother!