"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, February 25, 2013

a smooch while you're going round and round.

"i'm gonna be a wrestler that doesn't smoke."
-brennan {4 yrs & 358 days old}
yesterday afternoon we we ditched church and took grandpa to ride the ferris wheel at scheel's.
i learned that i might actually be afraid of heights.
who knew?!
and that i don't like ferris wheels anymore.
it's not the going around that gets me.
it's the stop and go at the tippy top.
i sat there squeezing max's hand with my sweaty left palm,
trying not to move.
and i'm pretty sure i stopped breathing all together at one point,
as they were loading people on at the bottom.
i turned around with my eyes really big to my dad in the chair behind us,
and he was all,
"are we done yet???"
and i was all, 
"i don't like this."
and he was all,
"it's just like a ski lift!"
and i was all,
"except for the whole rocking back and forth uncontrollably part."
and the kids were all, 
"hi gampa!!!"
"hi max!"
"hi BEEEEEAN-an!!!"
leaning and turning from side the side.
happy as little clams.
i was so happy they were happy.
and not scared.
i could see sean and chase waving at me from the ground,
and i know sean could see how big my eyes were
{b/c he told me after that he could}.
and max told me she wasn't scared and didn't need to hold my hand,
but then i convinced her that she should.
{b/c i needed to hold hers. for me.}
and i kept thinking,
nobody move,
hold on,
and how on earth could this bar and seat belt be enough to hold us in?!?
and i was for sure we would tip upside down any minute.
and then we flew around two or three times in a row, 
and it wasn't so bad anymore, 
and then it was over.
and i'm pretty sure i don't ever want to go on a ferris wheel ever again.
unless i know i won't have to stop at the tippy top.
but the kids loved it.
 at the tippy top.
don't let our smiles fool you.
we are just a smiling people.
 it's just not a ferris wheel ride without a smooch while you're going round and round.
it is SO not going there,
but i might be able to be convinced to leave it until something breaks.
or until someone breaks blood on their forehead from the other wall's corner.
{picking up the rebound is risky business around here!}
b/c truth be told,
it's kind of fun to shoot hoops from the breakfast table.
happy monday:)

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Amy said...

Your hair is getting so long!
I hate ferris wheels, too. I am terrified of heights. So sweet that Max kept you safe!