"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

anyone have a nail gun?

dear coat closet,
we're coming for you!
a special thank you to david in the lumber dept at the home depot in sandy, 
for helping me learn to speak lumber.
and for being patient with my pictures from pinterest.
when i said "can you cut me this"? 
and you looked at my pin picture and said "sure. we can figure it out!"
i'm a visual person, and therefore,
i speak best in the form of pictures.
you went with it david.
you're great.
great, great, great!
they should give you a raise mr. david in lumber!
and do you know what else?! 
my coat closet has two separate side lengths.
{david would know what i'm talking about b/c of my pictures.}
maybe you don't.
what.the.heck.coat closet.
whoever built you did not think anyone would ever want to do anything with your side lengths.
we'll be back for touch ups on our side length boards.
{anyone have a nail gun???}

i planned our garden and bought all of the seeds for planting while we were there.
i can't wait until it's marigold buying time.
i think i'm gonna need to label some Popsicle sticks in the ground this year...
is it mother's day yet???


jen said...

Nothing like a project, right? Good luck! and we want to see.

Amy said...

So excited to plant things this year. And can't wait to see your closet project.