"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, March 1, 2013

bring us your leprechaun luck.

i told him to please find a spot in the dirt.
he's a great listener.
oh to be a boy.
it was warm today.
after preschool the thermostat on my car read 50*.
we all threw off of our coats and ran outside.
i rode my bike for a little bit in the street.
until the kids got bored and wanted to go out back.
brennan brought his water gun up from the basement.
with water still in it from last summer.
he told me he soaked everything down there with it before he came up.
but that there was still lots left.
then he chased max around in the backyard,
spraying her arm until her shirt was dripping.
she was smiling and laughing the entire time.
and chase watched it all from the window.
banging on the glass, squealing and babbling at his people.
then they stood at the door and sprayed at chase.
i was doing about a million dishes from the entire day that had piled up in my sink.
watching it all out of our kitchen window.
spring is near.
summer is coming.
it's march 1st,
and we still have our christmas tree on the side of our house.
we are officially "THOSE" people.
at this point,
we might as well just wait for the spring bulk waste removal.
i love that the days are getting longer.
come on march,
bring us your leprechaun luck.


becca said...

omg 50 degrees and your playing in water i'd be freezing i'm such a wimpy FL girl..lol

Amy said...

Your grass has me green with envy. Ha, didn't even realize the pun until I wrote it! We are still covered in snow out here. Sigh. Can't believe how big Brennan is getting!