"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

if there was no rain, there would be no rainbows. {DAY 8}

"only one kind of bug bite gets itchy at hawaii.
and that's the kind that i have." -brennan
it rained the hardest i have ever seen it rain anywhere.
i said this earlier this week.
this storm today made that look like a drizzle.
having an umbrella to open the gate to the house was basically useless to me because i was DRENCHED from the waste down by the time i go into the car.
ok it wasn't useless.
it kept the front of my shirt dry.
i thought we would all be washed away,
and the car would end of floating off to sea.
it was awesome rain.
i can't imagine a hurricane being stronger,
and then we started talking about what hurricane Iniki did to the island in the early 90's,
and mom told us stories that people had told her when she lived here about how they survived it,
hiding in their bathtubs and stuff like that,
and what they did as the eye of the hurricane came back a second time,
and took out the entire island.
i was so nervous to be in a car driving in this rain,
and was in a panic most of the way to the other side of the island.
poor sean was such a good sport with my back seat driving and telling him when he should slow down because i just knew this time we were going to die if he didn't.
you're a good man charlie brown;)
now when i said i was "soaked" earlier,
i meant that my entire body, 
except for the front side of my shirt, 
was put into a bucket of water,
taken out dripping,
and there i was.
dripping, soaking wet to the bone, WET.
i just couldn't believe that i was so wet in such a short amount of time.
i didn't walk more than 20 feet in the 2 minutes i was out in the rain.
the slope of the driveway ran water over my feet up to my ankles.
the road to our jungle house had red colored mud waterfalls 
running down the sides of the hills and all across the road.
we drove through small ponds everywhere we went, 
and i swore that if it kept up raining like this the road would be closed on our way back to the house, 
and that we should just turn around and stay on our wrap around porch all day 
and watch the rain from there instead.
such a cautious bore!
i know:)
especially since this time i knew for sure god was flooding the earth,
and we were going to die because everyone had already boarded the arc without us.
after all of that,
i'm so glad we DID in fact leave the house 
because while we ate fish and chips at Breneke's in Poipu
they kept flipping just their tales out of the water.
holding them there for a minute.
perfectly up.
perfectly down.
like they were waving at us in slow motion.
it felt like we were in a movie.
you could see their tales so clearly,
and they just kept popping them out
so many times,
that for a second you would start to take it for granted
and look away,
until you'd slap yourself out of it,
and never take your eyes off of them again.
i won't ever forget what those whales looked like from our table looking out on the beach.
with the baby pineapple growing beside us.
that dark silhouetted tail flapping up and down.
whale watching at its finest i tell you.
much to my surprise,
we drove home and the arc had not come,
the animals were not marching 2x2,
and the roads did not wash away. 
christmas miracle.
when we got home the sun peaked out for a few minutes 
and painted the sky with a beautiful rainbow,
and we all hailed the skies for raining down 
such a magnificent work of art.
to celebrate our survival we invited our friends on the island over 
for leftovers and a movie/popcorn night,
where 5 boys jumped on the bed and made brennan's room sweaty and smelly 
from wrestling all night. the grown ups and max ate tim tam's and chocolate mint ice cream 
over some good old fashioned conversation.
it was a ball.
by the end of the night we waved goodbye to our friends in the rain,
and gave hugs until we met again.
i can't believe it's time to leave tomorrow.
i'm going to pray for a sunny beach day to send us on our way.
and hope we can sit on the beach all day before we have to leave.
just one last time.
to bid the beach and salty air a proper goodbye.
thank you brennan 
for these super awesome pics:)

6 sweaty pajama'd boys.
max is no dummy.
she kept her distance:)
{the 2 babies are within weeks old of each other. so fun!}


Amy said...

Absolute dream!

Amy said...

What a delicious day! I wish I could have been in that rain storm with you. OH my goodness, I love rain like that. Glad you didn't wash away, though, and honestly, rain like that shouldn't come when you are on vacation. Whale tales sound incredible.