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Thursday, February 20, 2014

no wipe--remember this {DAY 9}

"aliens have 3 feet. some have 4." 
we woke up to perfect damp air.
sean and i jumped at our last chance to run together.
it was so hot and humid that i had to turn my pants into shorts.
it felt amazing.
there is no place for running like hawaii.

it was so damp and warm and humid that the frogs were out.
lots of squished frogs.
on the way home there was a fresh one.
stop eating.
right now.
did you stop yet?
close your eyes if you're still eating.
don't say i didn't warn you.
last chance to bail.
we took this picture for brennan:)
he wants me to print it for the wall by his bed.
right when we got home we went into a dash of a frenzy 
to get us all to the beach before the rain started to pour.
my last can of guava
swim diaper
no wipes {remember this}
sand toys
more cokes
chocolate covered macadamia nuts
chase's milk
all of our beach necessities.
it was a well oiled machine by now.
so we throw chase in the stroller,
made brennan carry his own boogy board,
and high tailed it to the beach.
right as our toes touched the sand it started to sprinkle and the sky got dark.
we were bound and determined to spend the day at the beach and be positive about it.
no need to waste time putting on sunscreen.
this was gonna be great!
so chase and i found a spot under a tree,
and everyone else went right into the water.
i laid out all of chase's sand toys under the cover of the tree after he displayed dislike for the raindrops on his naked back and then proceeded to rip off his diaper.
which i didn't have.
like i was gonna need wipes for chase leg,
half of the beach bag handle,
my left foot
and his bum.
and i didn't have wipes.
and there was no way we were walking back to the house for wipes.
so i sat there under the tree with the rain drops falling through the leaves and tickling our face,
and i thought,
"this is gonna be a great day at the beach. why does chase's poo sometimes not smell?"
"i should have brought wipes."
"where are some leaves?"
"no, this is a job bigger than leaves."
then i was all,
"seaaaaaaan! can you helllp me for a sec?"
and he walked up and was like,
and then i'm all,
"there's no wipes."
and he says to me,
and i say to him,
"you're brilliant."
and so he washed that baby all clean off and my foot in the salty ocean below.
and we wrapped that angry pissed off baby in a towel,
and it was just so so awesome:)
and then i held chase on my lap in the beach chair,
under the rain dropping tree leaves for an hour
while we watched sean and the kids build sand castles and boogie board in the rain.
and then the skies started to turn blue off on one side of the beach,
and the rain stopped.
so we lathered everyone up with sunscreen,
pulled the chairs out from under the tree
and basked in the sun for two more hours:)
the kids found a crab on the beach
and i caught it in the shovel for them.
it jumped off of the shovel, 
and then we watched it run away and try to hide,
and then we caught it again two more times.
the kids finally lost interest,
and i did a few times without them.
that crab and i stared each other in the eyes
and it was magic.
then brennan made a body surfing friend with a 65 year old hippy with long dread locks
and they body surfed for awhile in our spot.
sean caught a few waves on the boogie board,
and max build sand castle
after sand castle
after sand castle.
the blue rio bird toy was swept away in the ocean which almost ruined it all,
but then he washed back up on the shore and the world was right again.
until ariel with the cut off tail disappeared forever,
and then max cried for 10 minutes and it was time to go.
burgers and taro fries.
red eye.
to be continued...

#pottybreak #max
sean enjoying the good life.
brennan waiting to body surf it in.
brennan making alien footprints.
count the gibbies 1, 2, 3.
until we meet again.

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Amy said...

Hahaha! Love the naked bum photo. And the crab, you all must have amazing eyes because that thing is seriously camouflaged.