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Monday, February 17, 2014

it's like you're hooked up to an IV drip {DAY 6}

my favorite part about this picture is the lower right hand corner.
you know, just so everyone knows we're keeping things legal, hahahaha!!!
sean and i ran up the mountain to see the view of the ocean before breakfast.
on the way home it started raining.
a misty rain.
but warm.
it was on of the peaks of my day.
running in hawaii is like running in your own personal oxygen bar.
at least when you're used to exercising in utah.
or not exercising at all.
the thick rich air is intoxicating. 
it's like you're hooked up to an IV drip,
and you've never breathed so easy in your entire life.
i could run a marathon on this island and never get tired.
that's what i told sean this morning.
ok, maybe just a half.
that's what i really told him.
then we talked about life, 
how much we hate video games and phones,
and how much we love vacation,
and stuff like that.
it rained the rest of the day.
so we sat under towels on the beach at the hanalei pier so brennan could boogie board with the best of them.
max found a friend who spoke spanish.
the spain kind.
and chase kept yelling "HOOOOLA!!!" at the girl's dad.
it was so so funny.
until it switched from light rain to pouring rain so hard that it sent us running for cover.
at which point we bought our second batch of carne asada tacos of the day from Pat's. 
my mom and Pat are friends,
and let me tell you,
Pat does something to those corn tortiallas--mmmmm mmmmm mmmmmm.
Pat told sean that she tells tacos by the pier so she can surf in the mornings there.
oh the life of locals. 
we blasted the heater to 80* to dry us off all the way to mom's old cabana house,
where chase slipped in the mud by the banana trees,
and had to be stripped down and hosed off twice.
we said our goodbyes and made our way to Ke'e.
where chase CHASED the roosters,
as usual,
and max peed on the beach in the sand,
and brennan thew himself in the sand like a ball over and over again.
so chase did that too.
monkey see, monkey do.
except he face planted and ate so much sand that he will probably be gnawing on sand at breakfast tomorrow.
on the way home we bought 20 diapers for $14 from big save.
i bought some extra bags of chocolate covered macadamia nuts and some ice cream snickers.
$45 later we were on our way back to the jungle house.
where we hosed sand off of our children,
threw them into the tub,
fed them,
and sung them to sleep in 2.5 seconds.
vacation life is the best.
brennan told me every day here is the best day of his entire life.
"just peaks, no pits."
i laid with him for a little extra tonight,
just to soak it in a little more.
tomorrow: LUAU DATE:)
we are still laughing at this picture 
and how stiff chase's body was at the hose off showers. 
oh the agony.
check out the massive gecko on the right hand side.

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Amy said...

I am going to stop commenting. Just know that I am saying "Beautiful! I want to go there. What a fun time you had." on every single post, okay, because, really, that I am just repeating myself over and over anyway.