"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, February 16, 2014

the day sean hit a rooster {DAY 4, pt 2}

the hosing off ritual 
we performed on all humans 
before entering the house
endless fun for all.
sean noted there was a handy bidet like function
that worked great for bum holes and sand.
good times. 
brennan sprayed the hose into our bedroom window 
{our OPEN bedroom window}
about 15 times.
it was awesome.
also shown:
"the gecko patch"
one day brennan and i counted 31 out on the big jungle leaves.
some of them we saw through the leaves by their shadow.
it made me want to bring some home as pets.
until i took into account that the utah climate would kill them,
so then i decided to not.
above: the flowers max and i picked 
on the way home from the shell hunt.
above: i'm basically drooling from the mouth 
and looking like i have rabies staring at this picture.
things to note today:
i wore clothes all day for the first time.
because on vacation you can just do what you want.
and i did.
and it was great.
i meant to put my bathing suit on all day,
but we were out of guava juice
and toilet paper
and paper towels
and coconut syrup,
and i was like,
"let's get shave ice at wishing well,
and go to the store after."
and sean wanted to look at the surf shop shoes one more time.
and brennan wanted a rash guard
because of the gnarly rash he still had from the first day on the beach.
and then max was all,
"ME! ME! ME! ME!"
and then grandma wanted to stay home and hold the fort down while
chase took a nap.
one pair of sunglasses
a hat
a rash guard
a hanalei t-shirt
toilet paper
paper towels
guava juice
2 coconut syrups
and 4 wishing well shave ices later,
we were home.
at which point god decided to flood the earth a second time,
except without the arc and all of the 2x2's.
so we hunkered down for movies with the kids,
and pineapple by the slice.
and i was still in my clothes.
fresh hawaiian caught fish for dinner
and a game of checkers later
and then it was off to bed.
and that's when i realized i got dressed for all day.
and it was just really nice.
you know,
to wear a bra and shorts and stuff.
mostly it was just really great to wear a bra
in other news...
sean hit a rooster
on our way down the road to hanalei.
right under the wheel by my feet.
and then up it flew off of the back side of the car,
flapping and moaning a sad rooster sound.
in sean's defense,
he did swerce to miss it,
but the rooster still got hit.
brennan looked like he was going to cry,
and my mom told me the natives would have given sean a high five.
because they don't like the roosters there anyway.
nevertheless we MAY have stifled some laughs and covered our mouths
with big "did that just happen?!" eyes
and stuff like that,
but felt a little badly too.
i hope i don't stay dressed all day tomorrow.
that's not what i meant.
you know what i meant.
and i hope we don't hit anymore roosters.
except for the one that keeps roosting outside of our window at all hours of the day.
him we can hit.
just sayin'.
goodnight moon,

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