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Sunday, February 16, 2014

you must see stars in the jungle at night {DAY 5}

the only picture from the entire trip with all 6 of us in it.
we get an F for group picture.
how did this happen???
we went to church at the hanalei branch today.
and there's always one thing to be true about going to church anywhere in the world.
no mater where you go to church,
sacrament is always a big fat joke with 3 kids 5 and under:)
that's what i was thinking at 9:35am this morning.
we saw more whales.
and by more,
i mean TONS.
we saw them off of the shore at the kilaeua light house.
then off of the shore in princeville.
apparently we have amazing whale watching luck
because right when we walk up
they are JUMPING and breaching themselves out of the water
before our very eyes.
what i would give for a pair of binoculars and a fancy camera.
we ate burgers and some of the best fries of my life in hanalei.
except for the $4 part.
that part was barfy.
we hiked past the waterfall on the way to Queen's bath,
but decided to skip the actual Queen's bath.
the waves and swells for the day proved imminent death,
and because we didn't want to be added to the statistics of tourists that die on kauai from being stupid,
we called it good and turned around back through our hike.
it was a great great time.
we starved the kids out for the rest of the day,
and took them to the park in princeville.
like i was guarding crackers under lock and key.
so that their tummies would be ready for steak an chicken for dinner at mom's friend's house.
every mom knows there's nothing worse than kids that aren't hungry for dinner.
they proved to be real champs,
and even got invited back.
christmas miracle indeed.
i would have bought them a puppy i was so proud.
good thing they didn't ask
because then we would have had a puppy
want any puppies:)
we talked about swapping houses,
and sean checked out a physical therapy clinic office in hanalei to buy.
not at dinner.
that was at lunch.
by the end of the night we decided there was no way i could handle the bugs,
and maybe we'd better just come to terms with the fact that we will not be moving to kauai after all.
then we talked about which beach we wanted to try out tomorrow,
and how we could work the wishing well shave ice shack into all of it.
choosing which beach you're going to go the next day is about as stressful as it gets around here right now.
that and where to eat.
it's a rough life.
then we missed our turn to the jungle house
because there are no, i repeat NO street lights on kauai.
there are two.
just not anywhere near our turn off.
we were saved when sean and mom spotted the juice shack.
when we got out of the car brennan was like,
"what are those lights in the sky??!!??"
and we were all,
and then we all stood there staring up into the darkest sky full of bright white stars
like we had never seen stars before.
until our necks got cricked and we called it a night.
oh boy,
how i love how dark it is in the jungle at night.
i've never slept like this before.
it's so dark
and quiet
and dark.
did i mention it's really dark?
except i almost shot the rooster this morning that crowed all night long.
that's what i was thinking laying in my bed last night.
max's face,
'cause when ya gotta go,
ya gotta go.
me with a tan face. 
oh yeah:)
the part of the hike where it turns to queen's bath.
the part where we turned around.
because we didn't want to turn into the tourists they write about in the guide book:)
30 foot waves and wet rocks.
death by drowning, no thanks.
note to self: january and queen's bath=no.
whale watching again.
so many!!!
the kids could never see them,
they always ended up crying and fighting about who could or couldn't see them.
we finally just told them they were all gone,
but they weren't,
we just said they were.
you know:)
this might have been his favorite hill rolling hill ever.
it really was great.

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