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Friday, November 14, 2008

i'm just writing today

i am writing today. just writing. no pictures, just writing. AND i'm going to try to write ONLY ONCE. ha,
tune in later to see how well i do;-)
snuggle up and enjoy!
so i paid $33.36 for 17.6 gallons of gas yesterday at Costco. i still can't seem to get used to all of this extra cash! holla ya'll, "ya-hooooooooo" with me. i seriously had to look twice. i actually paid under $2 for gas, unBEliEVable. i just CAN'T get over it. i have been budgeting $70 for our gas. don't you LOVE when you budget for more and end up spending less?!
(well, most of do at least!)
the christmas season is upon us, no matter how hard i resist listening to christmas music before the day after thanksgiving i haven't been able to dodge a few jingles on commercials...target stores...sean's singing...etc. it's taking all of my will to not pull out my personally made christmas mix, a cd i created and decorated with red and green sharpie pens in college
(complete with a tree and presents underneath).
click HERE for my favorite thanksgiving book. B and i are going to barnes & noble to pick it up today, along with THIS if they have it. i used to have both in my classroom when i was teaching, but had to leave them behind...seeing as they were not mine and that would be stealing, ah yes, i'm OH so noble. ha!
so i'm watching the today show this morning and they put up the Rockefeller plaza christmas tree. the story behind the tree was fabulous. i can't remember the story exactly and there's nothing on todayshow.com, so i'll try my best to get it right. so, there was this cute old couple in this place somewhere. like my memory so far? this cute old couple had a christmas tree. imagine that! after christmas the cute old lady of the cute old couple planted her beautiful and "normal sized" christmas tree in their lawn. now, 80 years later (or some big number like that), the tree is all grown up and BIG. someone from the today show was flying over their cute old house and saw this massively beautiful christmas tree. yes, they scout the Rockefeller plaza christmas tree. it may not have been someone from the today show who scouted it, but i'm sure it was someone important like that. anyway, the cute old couple have both since past, and this cute story is now national b/c the important people from the today show (or something like that) paid some astronomical amount of money (they didn't say that, i'm just saying they probably did) to that cute old couple's family so they could cut down the all grown up and BIG christmas tree to prop up in Rockefeller plaza. sean was sad and said if he ever did that his grandma casper would kill him. i thought it was very romantic and a cute little legacy of a tree, now making two christmas's merry!
maybe you can find the story here and let me know what the real facts are?
note: don't you love watching those tall little rockettes dance?


keri said...

Yeah, I have the Night before Thanksgiving book too. So cute! I'll have to look for the other one. I LOVE cute books for kids!

Aris said...


more about that amazing tree