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Monday, November 10, 2008

meet & greet monday!

welcome to the 2nd installment of my newest genre of our blog:
meet & greet monday!
last week we met my most charming husband,
sean d. gibson.
today you are in for another treat!
this aussie from down unda'
has flair and exuberance! ladies and gentlemen,
meet & greet jorjia!!!
full name: Jorjia Renee Wolfgramm
age: 25
birth place: melbourne, australia
australia or america & why: that's really hard. ohhhh, probably australia. my family is there, the beach, warm weather, fish & chips, i could go on.
greatest accomplishment: uhhhh, how geeky do i want to sound...let's see, moving to a foreign country or getting married in the temple.
why physical therapy: i love to help people and make them feel better. help them accomplish more in their life.
who is your physical therapy idol & why: that's hilarious. ummm, the physical therapist that helped me when i was little doing respiratory physical therapy on me. that girl, she's the one that introduced me to the whole profession. kind of weird cause i don't know who she is, just a memory.
what scares you: spiders. huntsman spiders, but i don't think they have them over here. they are big and harry and disgusting, ooohhhh they are so gross, they always come in your room when it rains. they are pretty harmless, but they're ugly.
your life would be more simple if: i wasn't such an overachiever. that kind of just sums it all up.
happiest childhood memory: holidays to the beach with my family. we used to go up to queensland, north of where i live. it's really warm up there, we would stay in hotels right on the beach, spend two weeks, and i loved it. we'd always go right in the middle of our winter, but up in queensland it is tropical and always warm.
describe yourself in one word: determined

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