"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

blogging goddesses, questions i have!

blogging goddesses,
it snowed yesterday. A LOT.
inches and inches worth.
i love the snow.
i love big flakes, but i must confess i am a bit sad it's not 60 outside.
i was loving the warm sunshine and our daily trips to the swing.
however, i was able to wear my UGGS again, so that was a plus.
little pork loin is playing peek-a-boo around the couch with me. OH if you could see it!!!
videos to come.
what do you think about private blogs?
how do you get your kids to drink their milk?
ovaltine is helping, but not in the morning.
i left my bathroom clock on standard time.
all of the other clocks were changed.
every time i go into my bathroom i lose an hour all over again!
i was folding laundry yesterday, brennan was napping, and i looked up at the clock.
WOW! i'm doing so great:-) go me!
i've showered, done two loads of laundry, cleaned my bathroom....
wait a minute....
aaaaarrrrg, it's 10:40.
oh now i'm wishing it was 9:40!
i left the clock the way it was for the rest of day.
by 10:15 last night (9:15 in the bathroom) i'd had enough!
off to bed i went. the secret life of bees was calling...am i more like may than i'd like to think?
did you know march is national deep vein thrombosis month? what will the today show come up with next? lol.
oh, where was i going to go with this post this morning???? oh yes!
i have some questions for you!
Amy/Ames: do you have a blog? how did you find mine?
Natalie/Snarky: what is your favorite post of mine?
Sue: how did you find my blog? did you ever listen to matisyahu? you should try lily allen, she's my new fav:-) but get the edited version
Fiauna: what city do you live in?
Cuties: how did you find my blog & what is your name?
Sandie/Grandie: can you buy an extra box of peeps for brennan at easter?;-)
Brooke N: where did you get those brown little boots for Blake??!
Synergy Girl: where are you from?
Kim P: how far along are you?
Lisa D: did you free hand paint your bathroom, or did you have a stencil?
Stacy P: how's life after football?
Lauren H: when did you decide on chiropractic work? is that why you moved to arizona?
Tiff/Winderlove: how did you get into Zumba? when was your first class?
Missy T/Poulsen: does this mean you might end up having to have surgery after all?
Tiff Cody: how's the new job?
Kelsi H/Aunt Jen: can you do brennan's hand print as one of your first customers??!! oh please!!!
Paige/Po: do you still teach swimming? we're better than perez riiiiiiiiiiiiiight?????
i'm sure i've missed some of you, so if you're here,
leave a message
and we'll get back to you;-)
what questions do you have for me!?

love to you and yours,
p.s. here is a poem from sue to remind you to enter the pork loin's walking cookie contest! isn't she amazing!!??

When are you guessing that Brennan will walk?
People are already starting to talk.
So even though crawling was kind of a flop
(cuz the kid wouldn't move), now he's moving non-stop.

While the pork loin's loins were parked at one time,
now they're in constant motion. He may even climb!
So get your bets in. Question: WHEN WILL HE WALK?
Guess before March 13, and win cookies that rock!!

thanks sue, you're the cutest;-)


Amy said...

I don't remember how I found your blog... I think Blogfrog said we had lots in common, and I checked it out, and just fell in love with your blog. I do have a blog, and I welcome you and everyone you know to visit it. thegrondahls.blogspot.com
In answer to your private blogs question, I don't like them. I have friends and family that I can't contact because I don't have email addresses, and their blogs are private, so it kind of stinks. Besides, if yours was private, I wouldn't have ever met you!

The Cuties' Mommy said...

Wow Em - lots of questions...love it - cute post!! ;) Here goes it: 1) private blogs make me sad. I am the world's biggest blogsurfer. It is amazing to me how I truly seem to "know" people and care for their well-being, yet will never meet them. And...sometimes I will come across a comment on someones blog that I love and when I click on their blog and it's private...I get sad! 2) How'd I get my kids to like milk...that was a struggle. Leading up to 1 year, they were formula fed and they both seemed to hate milk. So...I gradually added milk. For the first couple days I did 1/4 milk & 3/4 formula. Then, for a couple days 1/2 & 1/2...and so on. Within a week - milk only. 3) AZ = never changes time 4) Where did I find your blog? Hmmm...I am assuming you must have commented on a blog that I frequent and your comment caught my eye and I hopped over. I do remember reading your blog and loved it...so I continue to come back! Oh...and my name is Dawn:) 5) As for the walking - my son was a late crawler and then pretty much just jumped to the walking - seeing the videos of B...I'd say he's well on his way. I should probably change my date because I really really really want those yummy cookies!

Sorry for the longest post ever!

Sue said...

For me, if my blog's private, what's the point? My family already knows everything about me and has heard everything I have to say...and then some. Ad nauseam.

As for the finding of the blog...Actually, you found my blog first, Emily. You just wandered over one day and made a cute comment on a post of mine about hair coloring. I clicked on your name, hopped on over to your blog, and have been a regular ever since. So it does pay to blog-hop if you're looking to pick up new readers! (I do it a lot!!)

As for Matisyahu, of course I Iistened! You entered him in my poem giveaway, remember? And I liked him, too. (So did my kids...although one of the four already knew about him.) And I've already checked out Lily's clean version of "The Fear" that you recommended to me, too. What d'ya think I am, here, a slouch?


Chrissy said...

I am envying your snow a little bit, I have to say I do miss the Salt Lake Snow, although we did have a little taste of it this winter, but for now I am also enjoying the warm weather we have been having, even if it is a fluke.
As for my kids drinking milk the only way I was able to do it was with chocolate, and since that was not a very good solution to use all the time, I substitute other milk products as in yogurt (my girls will eat this anytime and all the time if they could), or cheese, they also love cottage cheese. And for private blogs I dilike them very much, it is very frustrating to find someone of interest in the blogging world and then not be able to find out more about them.

Brooke said...

Fun post- The brown boots are made by Robeez. Just do a google search and buy them where they are cheapest! They are warm and fuzzy aand soft soled which is great as they transition to walking---which I believe Baby B will start doing by....actually I am not ready to guess yet. Is he cruising along furniture or letting go of furniture when standing? THis will help me guess! Those are my questions 4 u!

Natalie said...

Ohhhh, now that's a toughie. Because I love all posts including tender loin's gushy cheeks.
But, I guess it would be between the one that initially brought me to your blog...the one about running, or it would be Red Lips Revolution!

Lauren said...

Well, I decided to become a chiropractor my senior year of high school... If I had slowed down in college, I probably would have changed my mind if I had lowered my blinders... But that's me! Driven to a fault sometimes... And we moved to Arizona because a) there are SO many chiropractors in California it would be difficult to make a living, b) Arizona is cheaper and has less (though still a lot) of chiropractors, and c) Will has family here, otherwise we would have been looking at Anywhere, USA (not in California)

Shane and Jessie Hayes said...

Hey!! So i am not thinking I am going to be able to come down with my work and all...which is no good however at the same time i kinda think it will be not sure...with the whole everyone being there...Get my drift??? I did get your new cell number too! Kiss the Pork Loin for me I miss those rolls. Thank you again for the words of encouragement and talks....they meant the world! Love you all! Tell Sean Sean good luck in school today!!

Lisa said...

What fun questions and I love everyone's answers, you get to know everyone that way..My bathroom was -both- I drew up a little template and sketched it on the wall and took a 1 inch brush and tried to keep it even. Gotta love that little pork loin, glad you have So Many pics of him!

Synergy Girl said...

What a fun post! Well, I am actually FROM Idaho, but I like to say that I grew up partly in Phoenix too...where my momma lives! Oh...and I have been dancing for about eighteen years....have had my studio for five now...AHHH!!! So crazy!

Ryan and Melissa said...

Em- No surgery is still the verdict. I just had a random horrible night two days ago. Crossing my fingers it doesn't revisit me anytime soon. Makes me a crazy-lady, seriously. Um...I guess I'm in the minority, but my blog is private because I was receiving some disturbing comments. I had no idea the same people were revisiting until comments were made. You never can really tell who's watching or reading. I wish there was a way that all of the good people could peep in on my life and learn the important lessons right along with me. Unfortunately, now a days, it's all the rest that ruin it for us all. There's so much personal info. including where i live, occupations, etc that it's just too risky. My sis was concerned about me so she told me enough that I'm convinced. I'd be worried about a baby-snatcher tryin' to get tender-loin. Or what we were talking about copyrighting pictures and such. I hate that I even have to say that - but to me the risks outweigh the benefits. All it takes is asking for someone's e-mail address and then they're a part of your blog world. We can talk more of this later if you want. Love you, em. xoxo

Fiauna said...

I live in the wonderful town of Farmington. Home of the Davis County jail, courthouse, fair grounds and Lagoon. Lucky me!

BTW, on the milk question. I don't force it on my kids. I notice that they come and go with foods--enough so that they are all well-nourished. But adding chocolate to anything makes it more palatable, don't you think?

Winder Love said...

Zumba.... I got into teaching at the gym over a year ago from going to a lot of different classes and talking to how the teachers got into teaching. After getting certified to teach through a program called AFAA, I only taught weight lifting classes. I wanted to teach more classes, and Zumba was just starting to emerge. IT was the new big thing. SO I checked it out in Sept 2008, and a bunch of us instructors got together to get certified in I think Oct. 2008... sometime around then. It is so much fun, and a great way to work out. Hopefully that helps answer your question!! Hope all is well babe!!

Gilbert Family said...

you are so cute! life after football is great for me, not so much for him. it is so nice to have an extra set of hands so i can take a nap or go to the gym or just veg. he really misses it, but i am kinda relieved it is over. (dont tell him i told you) :) i agree about the private blogs. i see a good thing about it, people kind of stalk and bad things can happen, but it is great to keep in touch and see what people are up to! take care my love. you really have a talent with the blogging thing!

Paige "Po" said...

YES! I still teach swim lessons (La Petite Baleen San Francisco!!). I have many babies and toddlers that I teach...so sweet! It will make your heart melt. And yes, Gibson Family updates are way better than Perez (even though I love a good gossip)!