"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, March 8, 2009

sunday & sunny

sunday & sunny.
that's today's forecast.
sorry we can't write more,
but we have to enjoy!

sounds of sunday:



p.s. keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow's giveaway!!!! that's right, another chance to have a batch of my famous cookies mailed straight to your doorstep! can you guess what you'll have to guess??!! (hints above)


T said...

sean sounds just like his dad in this video. i know he doesnt say anything but i can just hear it. do you think sean might have gotten the "silly" gene that clearly runs in our family?

ryan and stacy beck said...

Guessing the question has to do w/ Brennan walking? Looks like fun. The weather has been perfect the last two days. Unfortunately I am feeling super exhausted from doing way too much housework, dehydrated and DID NOT sleep well last night. Many more nights of that to come. Yikes! This whole resting up thing, not happening like I thought but life is way less stressful so I think that is deifnitely helping. 3 weeks left! I love that trick on the swing with little ones. That reminds me of being w/ my nephews last year and visits to the park.

Sue said...

LOVED that little video. His laugh is so cute! (And Daddy's pretty cute, too!!)

Synergy Girl said...

So CUTE!!! Okay, so my baby was one on the 2nd!! SNIFFS!!! He also walked that day...what a little genius!!

Katie said...

Thanks for your comments. My husband and I were laughing about your nickname "pork loin" for your son - that totally sounds like a nickname we would give one of our sons! Cute pictures.