"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, March 13, 2009

want to sit by me?

dear dad,
i can
my own hair now.
just thought you should know.
the pork loin
mom says she's making pesto, chicken, whole wheat pizza tonight.
want to sit by me?
oh, and goddesses,
mom's added two new songs to her
"Kiss" by Prince (fitting, don't you think?)
"Red Top" by King Pleasure


Amy said...

I love the way you write! Thanks for the smiles!

Natalie said...

Could he be any more adorable? No. I don't think so. It would be impossible for that boy to be any more precious!

Fiauna said...

I'd sit by Pork Loin. Especially if he's eating chicken pesto whole wheat pizza. Sounds yummy.

Sue said...

Yep, I'd like the whole pizza and pork loin treatment, please.