"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, March 12, 2009

reSOLution turned reVOLution

so my new year's reSOLution has turned into a reVOLution.
have you joined it yet?
don't know how?
click here.
my reVOLution has reached far beyond my lips, and others for that matter.
it's reached s.d.gib's lips, pork loin's cheeks....
and many more,
but in a different kinda way;-)
post a comment and let us know how my reVOLution is rEVOLVing in your life!
are you reading with us yet?
i'm on pg. 223
i can't stop thinking about may's character.
i read a special blessing this morning that i got years ago,
and i thought of may.
weird? MAYbe.
but still, i did.
there's still time for you to read with us if you haven't started yet.
the discussion will begin 2 weeks and 4 days from today!
so many life's lessons lie in the pages of "the secret life of bees."
i can't WAIT to hear your thoughts!
wait, i wasn't done with my reVOLution.
so i have this mix of music.
it's called "red lips revolution"
get it?
it's my music that i listen to when i'm cooking dinner.
when i'm feeding brennan lunch.
when i'm winding down from the day.
the tracks towards the front of the mix are more "dance dance"
and then they wind down to be more soothing.
like sinatra.
it doesn't get much better than sinatra.
i have a special place in my heart for him.
he thought my grandma was cute;-)
don't believe me?
read my interview with her, click here.
which reminds me, i miss you "meet & greet monday!"
so this mix,
the "red lips revolution" mix, as it's called in my iTunes.
i thought i'd share.
The Fear, Lily Allen (clean, edited)
Live Your Life, (feat. Rihanna) & T.I.
Womanizer,Britney Spears (pork loin's fav, yikes!)
Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It), Beyoncé (referred to as "all the single babies" in our home)
Just Dance, Lady GaGa
King Without a Crown, Matisyahu
Poker Face, Lady GaGa
I Could Say, Lily Allen (clean, edited)
A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes, Ilene Woods & Mice Chorus
When You Wish upon a Star, Linda Ronstadt
Someone to Watch Over Me, Frank Sinatra
The Way You Look Tonight, Frank Sinatra
Young At Heart, Frank Sinatra
The Way You Look Tonight, Frank Sinatra
Luck Be a Lady, Frank Sinatra
I've Got the World On a String, Frank Sinatra
Theme from New York, New York, Frank Sinatra
At Last, Etta Davis
can you pick the song i added after reading nie's post last week?
iTunes says i've listened to it 14 times, as of this morning;-)
other fav's of the mix today:
"I've Got the World on a String" by Frankie
"I Could Say" by Lily Allen (clean, edited)
"Young At Heart" by Frankie" (ooo, so romantic!)
after listening to "Luck Be a Lady" several times today,
I am convinced that Frank wrote it about my grandma.
Read the story, tell me what you think;-)
What am i talking about?
Go click on the link to read ALL about it!
it's above all of this,
it says
"read my interview with her, click here"
go ahead,
scroll up.
now is good.
you can come back to this after.
oh, did you click on my links today?
please go back and click on my links today:-)
they are clever.
very clever;-)
if i do say so myself,
i did.
that's all.

loves to you and yours,


Amy said...

Haha, I picked out the Nie song right away. Let's be honest, she is an inspiration, and we all want to be like her in some small way. Your Grandma sounds so fun! I love that she met all of the great band leaders! Count Basie, Benny Goodman! Amazing! I love their music. I remembered where I found your blog. It was on Light Refreshments Served when you did a guest post. Oh, I have a wuestion for you. Is Pork Loin starting to talk yet? I mean aside from "duice". Does he speak in his own language? Do you understand it although no one else does?

Fiauna said...

I love Lilly Allen! I guess I'm going to have to pick up a copy of The Secret Lives of Bees. Right now I'm reading two books for research ... so I have to finish those first.

Sure, you can post about my comment. I plan I writing about it at some point, but I need to compose it and really put some thought into it so the message comes out right.


Natalie said...

"Oh my catfish", your grandmother is a kick!!! I loved that post. As of right now, my new phrase is Holy Catfish...I would take your grandmother's (oh my catfish), but I always start things with Holy, so I like Holy Catfish! And that my friend is how your blog has revolutionized my life! Along with some other sappy stuff, but this is about the purely fun stuff!

And, Holy Catfish!! Are you serious?? Your grandmother met Ella Fitzgerald? Now that is cool.

Sue said...

What a fun grandma...And a very young 82, I might add!

As for the red lipstick, both you and Nie are faves of mine, but wearing red lipstick...on MY lips...????

Not so much.


Brooke said...

I will let you be unique with the red lipstick! It would not look good on me, no, no. I do appreciate your boldness though!