"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, August 24, 2012

operation fatten up

operation fatten up chase is large and in charge.
i noticed some extra rolls on his chubby thighs during his bath this morning.
he loves to put his feet right under the faucet and hold them there.
sometimes he sucks on his big toe too.
max loves to wash his body and tickle his tummy.
usually her fingernails leaves red streaks behind,
but he never cries about it.
he loves to sit there in the sun and look up at us.
and then max loves to over do it on the lotion.
we all smell like johnson and johnson for the rest of the day.
not a bad way to smell;)


becca said...

omg he is so adorable and chunky i just want to kiss him he is so cute

jen said...

What a great picture.

Sue said...

Glad your efforts at porking him out a bit are paying off! He is so, so cute.


Amy said...

Isn't it adorable the way they all have their own personalities and likes and dislikes right off the bat? And what charming sisterly love Max shows him. Your kids are the best! And I love that he is so mellow and good for you. My sister in law buys the pink Baby Magic lotion in bulk just because she loves the smell. And she doesn't even have any babies right now. Just preschoolers and elementary little kids.