"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, August 23, 2012

quit the stuff that doesn't matter.

last saturday night sean re-grouted our master bathroom floor.
i asked if he was going to finish the rest so we could seal it like the box recommended.
{i'm always scared to not follow the box recommendations on things of this nature.}
he said no.
and i said to him, what about what the box recommends?
and he said to me,
i'm going to go outside and spend the night watching the kids go down that big water slide.
and he cleaned up his grout, washed his hands, and ran outside with the kids to set up the slide.
and that is one of the many reasons why i love him.
b/c he knows when to quit the stuff that doesn't matter to start the stuff that does.


jen said...

I would have abandoned the tile just to squish that baby of yours. Yum!

becca said...

what fun i want to play

Emmy said...

Good good for him. And that slide looks so fun!

Sue said...

Fun slide.

And a fun hubby, too!


Amy said...

I can only imagine the fun your kids had and the memories made. What a wonderful man you married! And I love that fist sucking baby of yours with those incredible eyes and ginger hair!