"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, August 24, 2012

baking soda & bee stings

FOUR 4-year old boys.
{two of them are now five, but whatever.}
one 2 year old girl.
one 18 mo old boy.
and one baby man chase.
1. popsicles
2. a good firm voice while cupping your hands around your mouth
the last day of summer vacation.
why i gave BAKING SODA my MVP AWARD for the day...
4 boys chasing a bee up the stairs of the slide.
4 boys looking closely at the bee.
2 moms telling the 4 boys not to touch the bee or bother the bee.
2 toddlers looking at 4 boys chasing a bee.
4 boys trying to soak the bee with a cup of water.
angry bee bit brennan.
one screaming brennan climbs to the top of the slide.
3 boys, 2 toddlers, and 2 moms looking at screaming brennan.
one mom {me} convinces brennan to come down.
my finger in water,
my finger in baking soda.
my finger in water again.
{this is the mixture i used}
baking soda paste on bee sting.
one brennan stops screaming.
one minute goes by.
one bee sting gone.
red bump, bee sting prick, pain, and all.
thank you THANK YOU baking soda.
please you for all of your future bee sting needs.


Sue said...

Nice remedy!


Amy said...

I love baking soda. It also works for allergies, and so many cleaning uses. That is the best all purpose thing in the world!
Funny about the boys. They will not listen to mothers when there is something so interesting to see!