"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, August 24, 2012

lifestyle's of the rich and famous {not the song}

yesterday we fancied shelly and chad's pool and took chase on his first official dip.
everyone ooo'd and awe'd over his big moment.
and they even turned up the boiler to a lovely 89* Fahrenheit in his honor.
we watched the builders of the house behind us put up an entire side of a house under the afternoon sun,
listening to all of our favorite pop country songs over their construction stereo,
and let me tell you,
i felt like we were living the lifestyle of the rich and famous.
minus robin leach.
shelly judged a diving board competition unbiased-ly,
brennan found a love for rowing,
max for laying out,
and i for shelly's salt water pool.
no dry skin my friends.
p.s. i can't get over chase's orange hair.
{right after i dunked chase he enjoyed a few minutes of sun bathing.}


Sue said...

Salt water pools are the best. We used to have one!


Amy said...

What is a salt water pool, and how does it work? I am intrigued!
Pools are always so fun. Living the life, even for a moment makes for amazing memories and gilds life just a bit more, don't you think?