"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

go big orange {t-ball}

i wasn't gonna let him do it.
i was gonna wait until next year.
for heaven's sakes, i still basically have a newborn! 
{or not, WAH!!! and hooray all at once}.
but then he started playing baseball in the backyard with us,
went to a baseball game,
and his best friend cade wanted to sign up.
practices once a week at normal people times {check}.
games once a week at normal people times {check}.
fields where they play are close {check}.
summer heat winding down & shaded areas with trees {check PLUS}.
so we did it.
and he loves it.
and he's actually really good at it.
even with his adult sized mitt and spiderman light up shoes.
and that adorable little ball cap,
which he told me was not little,
it was a big kid cap.
he trained his coaches within the first five minutes that his name was not brennan, 
"eye on the ball brennan!"
"no, spiderman brennan!"
"right, spiderman brennan, sorry!"
"it's ok, do you know the black spiderman?"
"here comes the ball spiderman brennan."
i can't wait to see how long it takes him to tell coach keith 
about the time spiderman came to his birthday party.
funniest kid on the planet.
so he's surprisingly good at throwing, catching, and hitting,
but we could use a little work on his running;)
although mr. confidence thought he was already the MVP.
{thanks to his fabulous cheerleading section.}


Sue said...

This brings back lots of good memories. Love the Spiderman Brennan thing, too.


Amy said...

That does sound like a lovely way to spend your afternoons! Sigh. What an idealistic and delicious childhood those kids of your are having!