"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

first base {not kissing}

at brennan's first t-ball game tonight i sat on the grass rocking chase to sleep in the stroller, 
sent max with some girls from our neighborhood to play in the sandbox, 
chatted with susie about life and how our 4 year old boys are the funniest people alive,
and screamed my guts out for spiderman brennan as he stepped up to bat.
he smacked that ball with the biggest smile on his face and ran to first base.
he waved and smiled at me the entire way.
i think i even got a "hi mom" when he was halfway there.
never worried about winning,
just enjoyed his leisurely run to first base,
waving at me the entire way.
then when he got there he gave me the thumb's up and yelled,
"i'm the guy with the hat!"
{he had the hard batter's hat on.}
there's nothing i would rather do with my afternoons for the next 6 weeks than sit on a grassy knoll with max and chase yelling our guts out for spiderman brennan to get to first base.
and i DON'T mean kissing!;)
is that still first base???
 and no dad, he hasn't learned to spit in the dugout yet.
i hope he doesn't start that.
but if he does,
i'm sure i'll get a picture of it.
have mercy.


becca said...

aw so cute look him go

Sue said...

Too funny.

The guy with the hat.


Amy said...

Sigh. Summer t-ball. What great memories he will have. And how fun he is so good at it! Can't wait to see the picture of him spitting in the dugout! Hahaha. Love that he insists he be called "Spiderman Brennan." Adorable through and through.